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I had the privilege of meeting Liz a couple of years ago.  No doubt she thought it a little strange when I wanted to give her my father's old violin but I liked her instantly.
She restrung the violin in the afternoon and in the evening came out onto the adjoining deck to play for us. The violin had probably not been played in sixty years.
There is music and then there is music which releases embedded memory, intrinsic beauty and soul. This is the music that Liz plays.
With heart felt thanks.

The music that comes from Liz and her majestic violin is like unconditional love transcending from the heavens to fill our mortal hearts with bliss and beauty and connect us again to all that is everlasting. It is the sound of pure magic! Thank you beautiful Liz! When I listen to you I feel a deep connection to God and all that is true! All else ceases to exist. Thank you for being as you are and for doing what you do! 

Pauline Cameron
'The Space Between' Maleny

Milica, Tango Dancer

Liz came to Taabinga for a holiday. Instead she entertained us all for a week. Her music is her passion.

“ We live on a small Island and a real highlight for us is a visit from Liz Young and her violin. Liz plays for us at home and on the beach. We are treated to a wide range of music from popular to classical, Liz can play almost any thing on request. She is such a beautiful girl and plays so beautifully that people arrive from nowhere to sit and listen. We recall one special night when she played on the beach in the moonlight,what a vision and what a performance, one we will always remember. 
Bill and Niki

Michael and Melissa

Bill and Niki

From classical to Tango to popular music, Liz can play it all & even pick up a song from an out-of-tune singer !”

Those of us who heard her play at the last milonga were spellbound.

Michael, Tango Dancer

Conrad, Milonga Organiser

Liz, the violinist and performer- It has been an enchanting and engaging journey. From school and youth orchestras; solo; Violin, Tango and Elizabeth blended into one being; and the most recent, an enthralling Folk group with original work, Joni Mitchell and Bob Dylan all captured for a sunny afternoon in the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. Liz has taken me from tears, to a heart filled with joy and I can't wait for the next stage of this extraordinary journey. Fly me to the moon Liz, I know you will.

“ I was at this dinner party in Australia, Sydney I think.  Outdoors, warm in February, giant bats flying above heads. One of those cool parties where every person was interesting. Conversations flowing, brains storming with good food and drinks. Then one of the guests stood up, holding an instrument, violin. She was elegant and supremely confident before even she started playing. After a short piece - I remember it took me a while taking my eyes off and tuning in with my ears - she started speaking. Charisma, presence, expression. She was not just a musician, or an entertainer, nor a beautiful girl with awesome curls. I’m telling you, I was not the only man, human being completely lost in space. So ready to listen to what she would say, play, do. Hearts held beating, words disappeared, bats stop spinning as life froze.
She created a moment for all of us, stunning, captivating. Never to be forgotten.”

Jenny Y

Murat Erdemsel- Artist and Tango Maestro

The world is an uncertain place right now. More than ever before, we need something transcendent to calm our minds and soothe our souls. 


Liz Young’s music does just that. 


Rather nervously, we married on the cusp of the Coronavirus pandemic lockdown — March 22, 2020. As our guests gathered in the reception courtyard, no doubt feeling increasingly anxious about the impending government restrictions, Liz gracefully took up her violin and started to play. 


It’s not easy to articulate just how her music lifted the mood and quietened our hearts, but it did. Those who have heard Liz perform will understand. It was like God himself whispered across the fairy-lit courtyard, ‘All is well’. 


How incredibly grateful we are that Liz remained steadfast in her commitment to us amidst such social upheaval and personal uncertainty and graced us with her talents and beautiful presence. 


We join Liz’s many other fans in willing this pandemic a swift end so that she can get back on stage and share her incredible gift with a world that needs it.


Nerida and Damon Lewis

Wedding Couple

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